In accordance with Regulation No. 100 of the Rector of the University of Lodz of 10 May 2018 and the earlier one of 23 July 2015, the University of Lodz Publishing House prepares the publication of works by employees of the University of Lodz, to which it has the right of priority of publication, as well as other works of a scientific, didactic or popularising nature, not covered by this right. All works published by the University of Lodz Publishing House, after submission to the publishing plan, completion of the author’s material and initial verification by the initiating editor, are subject to a scientific review, whose aim is to evaluate the material, indicate its shortcomings, formulate remarks for the author and make a clear suggestion to the UL Publishing House as to whether the work should be published. Next, the team of the University of Lodz Publishing House (publishing office), guided by their best knowledge and available resources, decide on the manner and date of publication, the print run and possible methods for disseminating the content of the publication, in particular on its inclusion in appropriate databases of scientific resources (open or temporarily closed) or indexing databases.

The submission of the author’s material, prepared in accordance with the principles adopted at the University of Lodz Publishing House (link), to the Publishing Production Department completes the stage of qualifying the work for publication and begins the production phase.


Choice of a reviewer, declaration of no conflict of interests

The University of Lodz Publishing House directs the work submitted by the author for review to specialists in a given scientific discipline who are not employed by the University of Lodz and who hold at least a post-doctoral degree. When choosing a reviewer, the Publishing House may use a list of potential reviewers (not less than four) indicated by the author of the publication in the application for publication. Before proceeding with the evaluation of the author’s material, the reviewer shall submit a declaration of no conflict of interests concerning in particular the following:

– direct personal relationship with the author (kinship, legal relationship, conflict),

– relationship of professional subordination with the author,

– direct scientific collaboration with the author.


Method of drafting the review

The review must be prepared in writing and end with a clear conclusion as to whether the paper should be accepted for publication or rejected.

The reviewer prepares an opinion on the review sheet adopted by the University of Lodz  Publishing House (link).

In the review, emphasis is placed on the quality of content, originality of the theses and validity of the research undertaken, methodology, correctness of formulated conclusions and the manner of their presentation.

The review should be fair, objective, honest, constructive, consistent with the reviewer’s knowledge and prepared in a timely manner.

The reviewer is obliged to disclose possible plagiarism, suspected plagiarism or unnecessary (duplicated) publication, as well as misquotation (manipulation of data).

The reviewer is obliged not to use their knowledge of the reviewed work prior to its publication.


Conditional acceptance of a work for publication

The author receives the review for reference, responds to it in writing and prepares a revised version of the work. The statutory time needed for the work to be accepted for publication by the University of Lodz Publishing House is extended by the time needed for the revised version to be prepared and reviewed again.

All contacts between the author and the reviewer until the work is published take place exclusively through the University of Lodz Publishing House.


Refusal to accept a work for publication

The University of Lodz Publishing House has the right not to accept and refuse to publish a work that has received a negative review. The author has the right to appeal against the decision not to accept the work for publication. The decision, based on the justification submitted by the author, is taken by the Vice-Rector for Science of the University of Lodz, who may, in justified cases, consult the Publishing Board.

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