Some Renaissance/Early Modern Topoi in the Twenty First Century

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    Some Renaissance/Early Modern Topoi in the Twenty First Century is a unique publication on the sixteenth-seventeenth European  culture, politics and societal studies. Although the book is primarily addressed to scholars and academics who study the Renaissance/Early Modern episteme, it can also attract the attention of  many other circles of readers interested in an interdisciplinary discourse devoted to e.g. governance, theology, religion, politics, diplomacy and literature. Since the essays focus on facts, processes, texts and state formations, which do not  generally belong  to the general discourse, they pose a challenge to the conventional perception of the period under discussion



    Introduction: Concepts and Strategies 9
    Marta Wiszniowska-Majchrzyk ~ The Dismissal of the Greek Envoys-A Forgotten Trajectory Within the Web of European Renaissance 15
    Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney ~ The Marginalization of Lucrece’s Story in the Early Modern Polish Culture 31
    Natalia Brzozowska ~ Revisiting the Jacobean War of the Sexes: Righteous Anger, Patriarchal Anxiety and the Swetnam Controversy 39
    Stanisław Obirek ~ The Founding Rupture. From Strong to Weak Identity 55
    Paul Hulsenboom ~ “Have the Menacing Alcaean Muses Blown the War Trumpets Again?” Two Versions of Jacobus Wallius’ Ode to Mathias Casimirus Sarbievius 71
    Andrzej Wicher ~ On Going to Hell. The Conception of the Underworld in Przeraźliwe echo trąby ostatecznej (The Shrill Sound of the Ultimate Trumpet) (1670) by Father Klemens Bolesławiusz (1625-1689), and of the Otherworld in Lucifer (1654) by Joost van den Vondel (1587-1679) 97
    Mariusz Misztal ~ Giovanni Della Casa’s Galateo: A Serious Treatise on Manners or “Only a Joke” 115
    Katarzyna Kozak ~ Evolution of the Political System in the Kingdom of Sicily (Sixteenth-Seventeenth Century) 133
    Works cited 151
    Index of Names 165



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