Ways to Translation

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    Scholarship in translation studies is these days developing at an unprecedented rate, as the field is becoming ever more diversified and specialized. This volume aims at disseminating up-to-date knowledge about translation and interpreting and providing easy access to a wide selection of topics ranging from translation fundamentals (e.g. equivalence, translating procedures, translation competence specialized and domain-specific translation (e.g. Audiovisual Translation, Legal Translation, Literary Translation or Medical Translation, translation tools (machine translation, CA7) to different translation methodologies and perspectives (e.g. Cognitive Approaches, Corpora and Descriptive TS).The book is intended primarily for undergraduate students but it should be of interest to anyone with a professional or personal interest in the problems of translation and interpreting.

    Interestingly, Ways to Translation happens to be a successful enterprise that manages to delineate the titular ways to translation for the benefit of translators and translation researchers alike. The value of the volume co-edited by Łukasz Bogucki, Stanisław Goźdź-Roszkowski and Piotr Stalmaszczyk lies particularly in filling a gap on the Polish market when it comes to translation­ related publications. It can be readily implemented into translation curricula at university level, especially in institutions training future translators, as introduction to Translation Studies.

    Professor Wojciech Kubiński, University of Gdańsk



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