Dimensions of Development

    East Asia in the Process of Changes

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    The East Asia region has drawn global attention. China, Japan, the Korean Penisula and the ASEAN countries have been developing their economies and strenghtening their participation in global economy. Contrary to this smooth process, the region posesses a number of unresolved territorial issues and suffers from a lack of security complex.

    The volume presents a series of papers dedicated to the East Asian countries’ development. The volume is divided into three sections: dimensions of regionalism in East Asia, China’s external and internal development and Japanese domestic affairs.


    Table of Contents

    Introduction to this Volume 7

    Part I. Dimensions of regionalism in East Asia 9

    Roger Y Chao Jr. – East Asian Regionalism: Perspectives, Realities and the Future 11
    Anna Walkowiak – At the source of the lack of the security and cooperation complex in Northeast Asia 25
    Joanna Dobkowska – Finding the balance. The role of Australia-Japan cooperation in the shaping of the Asia-Pacific security architecture 37
    Marta Kosmala-Kozłowska – ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights: A “toothless tiger” or a prospect for a regional human rights regime in Southeast Asia? 49
    Paweł Raja – Institutional changes in Malaysia. New dimensions of challenges after the global financial crisis 61

    Part II. China’s internal and external development 75

    Kao Pei-Shan – Rethinking the Development of US-China Relations 77
    Michał Lubina – Burma in China’s Foreign Policy. The consequences of the ‘Burmese thaw’ for China-Myanmar relations 89
    Nóra Szikorová – Expected future trends in Chinese Outward Direct Investments in Africa 101
    Martin Grančay – China’s Civil Avionation at the beginning of the 21st Century – Can Europe remain competitive? 111
    Yang Long, Hu Huixuan – The Adjustment of China’s Regional Development Strategy and Its Impact on Intergovernmental Relations 121
    Magdalena Senderowska – New dimensions of China’s food security Japanese domestic affairs 133
    Dominik Mierzejewski – Socio-economic stability, intra party democracy and the power transition in the Communist Party of China 141

    Part III. Japanese domestic affairs 155

    Karol Żakowski – New Parties in Japan – In the Search of a “Third Pole” on the Political Scene 157
    Atsushi Tanaka – Unconventional Monetary Policy in Japan: An Empirical Study on its Effectiveness 171
    Masahiro Yamada – Didn’t it mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing? Swing Voters and Accountability Mechanism in the Japanese Lower House Election 2009 183
    Tetsukazu Okamoto – Twitter and Local Political Candidates in Japan: An Analysis of the 2011 Osaka Prefectural Assembly Election 199



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