Categories and Units in Language and Linguistics


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    The papers in this volume concern different linguistic categories from a variety of perspectives. The first and second papers by Janusz Badio deal with evaluation in EFL written stories and the linguistic coding of events in agreement with their variable salience in conceptualisation. The chapter by Alan Cienki analyses gesture units to draw conclusions about language in general. Kamila Ciepiela looks at the category of identity as a product and process. Craig Callender presents a chapter on the perception and the nature of the phoneme followed by a chapter by Henryk Kardela, who discusses how meanings and forms are fused into single morphological units. Krzysztof Kosecki turns the readers’ attention on the prototype of narrative and emotion in E. Hemingway’s story Cat in the Rain and on the analysis of Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain. Przemysław Krakowian’s interesting article explains the role of Multi Facet Rash Analysis in tests of oral production. Ourania Papadima expertly overviews the very important categories of second language pedagogy, ESP and EAP. Jana Richterova provides an analysis of resource books for advanced learners of English. Nezrin Samedova-Hajiyeva’s chapter centres on the grammatical category of aspect. Last, Jacek Waliński describes the categorization of directional verbs in English.


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    Table of Contents

    Introduction 7

    Janusz Badio: Evaluation in EFL written stories 9
    Janusz Badio: Ranking for cognitive salience of events and coding them into a sentence format 21
    Alan Cienki: Insights on the nature of language from the study of gesture units 33
    Kamila Ciepiela: The identity category: a product and/or a process 43
    Craig Callender: Perception and the nature of the phoneme 53
    Henryk Kardela: Form and meaning in cognitive morphology 67
    Krzysztof Kosecki: Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain (1924): A questioning of health, rationality, and the romantic tradition 83
    Krzysztof Kosecki: Ernest Hemingway’s short story Cat in the rain (1925): A prototype of narrative and emotion 91
    Przemysław Krakowian: Multi Facet Rasch Analysis in tests of oral production 101
    Ourania Papadima: An overview of ESP and EAP in language pedagogy 115
    Jana Richterová: The categories of grammar in resource-books of English for advanced learners 129
    Nezrin Samedova-Hajiyeva: Aspectual pair, aspectual triplet, aspectual cluster: what is the unit of the category of aspect and can the answer be tested experimentally? 147
    Jacek Waliński: Categorization of directional motion verbs 161

    Łódzkie Studia z Językoznawstwa Angielskiego i Ogólnego / Łódź Studies in English and General Linguistics 175


    Ten post dostępny jest także w języku: angielski


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