Building the Diverse Community

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    The processes in East and South Asian became a peculiar subject for global community of international relations in the field. The presented volume is a collection of papers dealing with the processes of regionalization in East and South Asia. We collected papers from different academic unit both from Europe and Asia. Taking regionalization as a core subject of the volume the readers will discover the complexity of ongoing processes in East and South Asia. We present collection of papers from a very different perspectives starting from the theoretical debates, through economic dimensions of integration to policical and military scope of regionalization in East and South Asia. The whole volume presents the diversity of understanding among international relations scholars community. By shaping the diverse view we can possess the better and in depth understanding of East Asia.



    Małgorzata Pietrasiak, Building the Diverse Community. Beyond Regionalism in East Asia. Region, regionalism, regionalization – definitions, settlements and research field 9
    Lu Xiaohong, Accelerando of East Asia Regional Cooperation. Analyzing the ASEAN+3-Centered Community-Building Process 21
    Joanna Dobkowoska, Mimicking Integration. At the Sources of Under Utilization of intra ASEAN Institutions 37
    Irina Troekurova, Science and Technology Cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the EU countries 57
    Karolina Klecha-Tylec, The Origins and Transformation of East Asian Financial Regionalism 69
    Mikhail Karpov, Can Taiwan’s Pattern of Financial Deregulation be Instructive for Market Reforms in Mainland Chinese Financial Sector? 85
    Tomasz Kamiński Marcin Obroniecki, Piotr Wiśniewski, How the rise of East Asian Sovereign Wealth Funds affected the European Union? 109
    Laura-Anca Parepa, Implications of the US Rebalance Strategy for the security architecture in Asia-Pacific 139
    Michał Lubina, Between Reality and Dreams: Russia’s Pivot to Asia 159
    Tomasz Lachowski Transitional justice and its impact on security and internal stability in South-East Asia – the case of Bangladesh 177
    Adrian Szumowski, New Dynamics of Power transfers – Ukrainian Crisis 2013–2014 193



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