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Moving between Modes

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    Professor Alina Kwiatkowska’s untimely departure prevented her from seeing this publication project through to the end. This book is dedicated to her memory and it is only suitable to have the volume summarised in Professor Kwiatkowska’s own words, coming from a draft of the former editor’s introductory chapter:

    “The present collection of papers was inspired by the international conference on lntersemiotic Translation held at the University of Łódź in 2013. Organized by the Institute of English Studies, it brought together many enthusiastic participants, who gathered to discuss the issues that many traditional scholars would consider to be niche and rather exotic. The volume includes a selection of papers from that conference, complemented by same additional contributions.”

    Mikołaj Deckert
    Monika Kocot
    Aleksandra Majdzińska-Koczorowicz


    Table of Contents

    In Memoriam Professor Alina Kwiatkowska 11
    Mikołaj Deckert, Monika Kocot, Aleksandra Majdzińska-Koczorowicz – Moving between Modes – Intersemioticity, Translation and Interdisciplinarity 13
    Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk – Remembering Alina Kwiatkowska 21

    Part One: Theoretical Reflection

    Lars Elleström – Media Transformation: The Transfer of Media Characteristics between Media 27
    José Sanjinés – From Translation to Intersemiosis: A Journey across Expressive Modalities 43
    Marta Kaźmierczak – From Intersemiotic Translation to Intersemiotic Aspects of Translation 61
    Magdalena Wasilewska-Chmura – Why Intersemiotics Isn’t Enough? Remarks on Intersemiotic and Intermedial Studies 89

    Part Two: Modes of Literature

    Tilo Reifenstein – Between the Visible and the Legible: Raymond Pettibon’s “I” Caught in Translation 107
    Monika Kocot – From Broken Communication to the Technique of (Linguistic) Anamorphosis. Edwin Morgan’s Concrete Poetry 121
    Anna Szczepanek-Guz – Perception and Conceptualization of Visual Arts in Ekphrastic Poetry 139
    Agnieszka Taborska – Franciszka Themerson and the Gaberbocchus Press: Bestlookers versus Bestsellers 151
    Marcin Giżycki – Bacon, Friedman, Themerson or How to Translate Anything to Anything 161

    Part Three: The Interfaces of Music

    Elżbieta Górska – From Music to Language and Back 173
    Marcin Stawiarski – Vocal Intersemioticity in James Chapman’s How Is This Going to Continue? 191
    Karen Wilson-deRoze – Mixed Signals: How German Lieder, as Multimodal Texts, Present Particular Challenges for Translators. 207
    Joanna Barska – Love Old Sweet Song: How Joyce Narrativizes with Music? 225
    Elena Aznacheeva, Yulia Mamonova – The Verbalization of Music in Fiction 235

    Part Four: Performance

    Izabela Szymańska – On the Analogies between Translation and Film Adaptations of Literary Classics 251
    Claudia Cao – The Ending of Great Expectations According to South Park: A Science-Fictional Revisitation 265
    Jadwiga Uchman – A Philosophical Debate on the Screen – Bishop Berkeley’s Esse Est Percipi and Samuel Beckett’s Film 279
    Eva Bubnášová – Between Text and Performance: On the Productive Reception of H. C. Andersen’s Fairy Tales by the Slovak Radio 295
    Łukasz Borowiec – Inside Noise: Intersemiotic Translation and Metatheatre in Radio Drama 309
    James Moir – Reading the Signs: Intersemioticity and Non-Verbal Communication 323
    Teresa Bruś – Serialization and Multiplication in Portraiture: Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz and Photographic Translations 335

    Contributors 345



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