Lviv and Łódź at the Turn of 20th Century

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    The book is dedicated to the social structure of Lviv and Łódź. The contributions included in the volume provide a theoretically-oriented overview of the research on this subject, performed with the use of various approaches and methods.

    The issues addressed in the papers were studied with the use of a wide range of analyses and an interdisciplinary approach. The inclusion of concepts from several areas of science puts the subject of the research, i.e. social space, in a wider perspective. The socio-geographical exploration is an attempt to find the balance between the belief that space matters and the claim that space itself is not a satisfactory explanation.

    Another intellectual inspiration is the comparison of selected aspects of social structure of two cities with different histories. An attempt to juxtapose the historical metropolis of the western Ukraine and one of the youngest post-industrial cities may cause reservations. Nevertheless, despite many differences, there are several analogies both with respect to the dynamics of development and the social problems which plague both cities. Moreover, both Lviv and Łódź face numerous challenges, especially the socio-spatial ones, which makes this book a relevant answer to their needs. The texts, both by Ukrainian and Polish authors, describe important aspects of the social and spatial structure of the researched cities.

    The issues presented in this book form an essential source of knowledge for both local politicians and social activists, who in various ways try to meet the needs of the contemporary world. Undoubtedly, the book will also expand the non-expert readers’ knowledge of two interesting cities, Lviv and Łódź.

    Monika Mularska-Kucharek

    Mykola Habrel



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