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Łódź Celebrates Ira Aldridge (1807-1867) the First Black Shakespeare Tragedian

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    Łódź has a special connection with Ira Aldridge (1807–1867), the first black Shakespeare tragedian. Though he never performed in our wthe rehearsals of Shakespeare’s Othello on August 7, 1867. This connection is not limited to the state funeral which the City organized for him. Over decades the city has taken care of his grave. In 2007 the International Shakespeare Studies Centre organized an international symposium devoted to the bicentennial anniversary of his birth. In 2014 we had a plaque installed to celebrate his name. And in 2017 several events – a conference, exhibition and theatrical performance – took place to celebrate the anniversaries of his birth (1807) and death (1867). This catalogue presents selected events celebrating the 150th anniversary of Ira Aldridge’s death in our town.



    Part 1
    1.1. Foreword: Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney 7
    1.1.1. Ira Aldridge’s Life and Professional Achievements 8
    1.1.2. Aldridge’s State Funeral in Łódź 11
    1.1.3. The Town’s Care of Aldridge’s Tomb 13
    1.1.4. The International Symposium 14
    1.1.5. The Plaque in 2014 15
    1.1.6. The 2017 Celebrations 16
    1.2. Welcoming addresses: 17
    Elżbieta Żądzińska, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research 18
    Joanna Jabłkowska, Dean of the Faculty of Philology 19
    Ryszard Machnikowski, Vice-dean for Research and International Affairs, Faculty of International and Political Studies 21
    1.2.4. Barbara Williams 22

    Part 2: Symposium
    Tony Howard: Against Prejudice: Ira Aldridge, Theatre Manager 24
    Małgorzata Leyko: Ira Aldridge and German Theatre 33
    2.3. Ted Lange: A Trip to Łódź 43
    2.4. Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney: Selected Works on Ira Aldridge’s Life 53

    Part 3: Exhibition
    3.1. Daniel Hastings, USA Cultural Attaché 57
    3.2. Monika Sosnowska: Ira Aldridge’s Legacy 59

    Part 4: Theatre
    4.1. Jacek Orłowski 63
    4.2. Levi Fraser Jr.: A Choice of Weapons 65
    4.3. Magdalena Cieślak and Agnieszka Rasmus: Interviews with Levi Fraser Jr. and Evelyn Little 73
    4.4. Students reviews 80



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