Legal methods for combating unemployment among older people

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    The practical value of the presented study cannot be underestimated due to the still observed high unemployment rate of older people and the lack of a coherent and comprehensive political and social programs in this area. The principal concern of research study conducted in the framework of scientific project was to examine the different efforts and initiatives, including legal measures and instruments undertaken to limit the scope of the aforementioned phenomenon. For this aim research objectives were focused on re-conceptualization of legal measures drawn on model perspective. The research was based on examining the legal regulations of selected European countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary. The objective scope of the study cover analyses of the Iegal institutions, successfully used in the aforementioned countries to reduce or displace unemployment providing some assumptions for their application in Polish social and economic circumstances.



    Preface 7

    Part I. Magdalena Paluszkiewicz 9
    1. Introduction 9
    2. Legal measures for supporting the employment of older people in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Hungary 13
    2.1. Prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of older age 13
    2.2. Employment costs for older workers 15
    2.3. Working conditions for older workers 17
    2.4. Improving the professional qualifications of older workers 20
    2.5. Protection of employment sustainability 22
    3. Legal measures to support reintegration of unemployed older people into the labour market in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Hungary 26
    3.1. Prohibition of discrimination in access to employment on the grounds of older age 26
    3.2. Subsidizing the employment of unemployed older persons 27
    3.3. Vocational training of the older unemployed 32
    3.4. Flexible forms of employing unemployed older people 33
    3.5. Services offered to unemployed older people by public employment services 34
    4. Legal measures to mitigate the effects of unemployment in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Hungary 38
    5. An outline of the position of older people on the Polish labour market 40
    6. Conclusions 53

    Part II. Tatiana Wrocławska 67
    1. General introductory notes 67
    2. Legal measures for supporting employment and return to work of older people in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Netherlands 71
    2.1. The general remarks related to population ageing and active participation of older at the labour market 71
    2.2. Legal regulations for supporting employment of older people 80
    2.3. Prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of age 88
    2.4. Active and passive legal measures related to combating unemployment among older people 92
    2.5. Right to retirement pension and other benefits 104
    2.6. Concluding remarks 111
    3. Conclusions 117

    Part III. Mirosław Włodarczyk 125
    Structural elements of the model of counteracting unemployment among older people 125

    References 133



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