Corporate Governance in the Banking Sector


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    The scientific editor and co-authors of this book have undertaken a very ambitious and difficult task. lt is not easy to examine developments in the banking and financial sectors from the holistic perspective, which combines the approach of institutional and law economics. The co-authors of the book have undertaken this task in a highly commendable manner. The result is an excellent monograph, the contents of which constitute a very important voice in the debate on regulation of the banking sector and corporate governance. The advantage of the book is that it was prepared in English, which is an important factor in promoting the works of the co-authors abroad. The book makes for thought­provoking, useful reading, both for researchers and students of economics, as well as lawyers dealing with regulations in the financial sector, policy-makers, and journalists.

     Professor Sławomir I. Bukowski


    Table of Contents

    Introduction. Piotr Urbanek – Corporate Governance in the banking sector: Lessons from the financial crisis 5
    Section 1. Czesław Mesjasz, Wojciech Rogowski – Definitions of financial stability 13
    Section 2. Emilia Klepczarek – Soft law as a factor stabilizing the financial system 37
    Section 3. Monika Marcinkowska – New order in banking 55
    Section 4. Krzysztof Misiołek – Determinants of corporate governance in banks 71
    Section 5. Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska – Banks in Poland in the face of new regulations on executive remuneration 83
    Section 6. Agata Wieczorek – Independent supervisory board members in Polish public banks 105
    Section 7. Krzysztof Postrach – Should Polish banks be domesticated? 127
    Section 8. Piotr Masiukiewicz – Receivership in banking: Theory and practice 141
    Section 9. Magdalena Jerzemowska – The main bank system as part of Japanese corporate governance 161



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