Changing Determinants of Foreign Policy in East Asian Countries

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    The monograph provides knowledge on the complex nature of both external and internal determinants influencing foreign policies of East Asian countries. Through a range of case studies on Japan, China, Taiwan and North Korea, the authors analyze international relations in East Asia as a mosaic of intertwining processes of globalization and regionalization, interests of global and regional powers, local social and economic conditions, national institutional arrangements, and even personal factors. They argue that sometimes a sudden change of one small element in this mosaic suffices to influence the whole system. Instead of providing a simplified interpretation of the analyzed processes, the monograph tries to illustrate them in their entire complexity.



    Karol Żakowski, Introduction: Determinants of International Relations in the East Asian Context 7
    Krzysztof Kozłowski, The Taiwanese Dimension of the Cross-Strait Equation after the Sunflower Movement 13
    Przemysław Furgacz, The Economic Relations of the United States and China over the Years 2005–2015 29
    Miloš Procházka, Changes within the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Society: Involvement of the Non-Governmental Actors 47
    Karol Żakowski, Politicians’ Role in Foreign Policy Making in Japan before the Central Government Reform 73
    Beata Bochorodycz, Political Leadership and the Security Policy: Negotiations on the US Military Bases in Okinawa under the Murayama and Hashimoto Cabinets 89
    Marcin Socha, DPJ Government and Climate Change Policy 115



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